New Technologies


Solar Pumps

 Solar-powered Skids are autonomous equipment, they don’t need an external power source, and do not produce gaseous emissions to the environment such as pneumatic pumps. They can be operated through the SCADA system.
Represents a solution for chemical dosing at remote points or that do not have an external power supply.


Encapsulated products

Microencapsulated solid chemicals

Solid chemicals encapsulated in a solid matrix, allow the protection and prolonged release of the chemical. It is an alternative to continuous dosing of liquid chemicals injected at bottom of the well by capillary or by recirculating to intercolumn.


  • It does not requires the installation and maintenance of dosing equipment such as liquid chemicals.
  • It doesn’t generate waste.
  • With this process up to a 70% micro encapsulation of the active in the carrier’s matrix, maintaining the dry and fluid appearance of the original solid.

Automatic bar shuttle

It is an implement that allows the semi-continuous dosing of solid chemicals in the form of bars, in gas wells.
When it is used to apply foaming agents allows to extend the productive life of natural gas wells, and represents a low-cost alternative to the installation of capillary and continuous dosing equipment of liquid chemicals. It can also be easily disassembled if any physical measurements are required in the well.
Solid corrosion inhibitor bars, descaling acid, halite inhibitor, paraffin inhibitor, biocide, foaming, and almost all chemicals used as aids in gas production can be applied through the shuttle.